With it's dreamy lo-fi textures, and soft, guitar-poppy tales of personal heartbreak - SLONK’s 'Songs About Tanks' LP might be one of my favourite Bristol releases of all time. 
As a mainstay in the Bristol music scene, Joe Sherrin (Slonk, Let’s Kill Janice, Jumbo, Milo’s Planes) is a busy man. We recently had the absolute privilege of catching up with him ahead of the latest headline gig at The Lanes and get to know the man behind the nonsense word a little better. 
Sum up your band for us in a few words.
So, it was sort of a little solo recording project for me that’s now turned into a band that is - SLONK
Is there a fact about you that no one knows?
Me and my brother are fluent in Latin !
Slonk is a pretty unusual name - where does it come from?
I used to say it as a nonsense word, y’know, like ‘can you just slonk that over here please?’ And it’s a word I said a lot. I say a lot of nonsense words because I like the sound of it. So that’s why I called it the word that I was saying a lot. If you go on Urban Dictionary, the top definition says that it’s used by gang weeders, or a ‘sudden onset of tiredness’ I AM often tired, so..
It’s a nonsense word that I thought was nonsense but apparently has several meanings.
When do your ideas come to you? What’s your creative process?
I have a little space in my loft that I write and record stuff in. I tend to write and record a bunch of songs in batches, so I’ll write a bunch of songs, instantly record them and then decide if I want to keep. They come to me in batches so I write an albums worth of songs at once. Then I’ll have these frustrating day spells where I’m not able to write anything.
At the moment I’ve got this new project called Jumbo that I’ve been doing, so most of the songs that have been coming to me have been more like Jumbo. I have all these projects, so I’ll write a song and then see what project it fits and can go towards.
Do you have any hobbies you turn to to rejuvenate your creativity?
Usually I write songs fairly well - I write chords first, and the lyrics come to me in waves.. I find that if I struggle with writing lyrics, then having an abundance of boring admin jobs is the ideal situation to write lyrics in because you’re really bored and you have nothing else to do. A boring admin job will make you do whatever you want.
Who would you love to tour with?
My favourite band is Fugazi, so I’d say them, but I’d say our sounds wouldn’t match. I’d say, late 90's Robbie Williams. He’d be fun. Or a Robbie Williams - Elton John - SLONK tour. And we’d all play at the same time, on different stages, like a mini festival.
Do you sing in the shower? If so, what songs are your go to?
I do - I’m very vocal in the shower. I used to live with Andy Came (drummer in Bristol band Spectres) and he’s got recordings from me singing Ronan Keating. Also, I can’t stop singing Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira. It’s been a tic for me for about five years now.
What’s on your playlist right now?
Loads of power ballads, me and my friend who’s been staying with me for the past few days had a little power ballad sesh this morning. Otherwise, I’ve been listening to lots of ‘power pop.’ Plus hip-hop. It’s a real combos (Latin for combo).
What makes Bristol so special for you?
All the humans in it. I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve thought about moving a few times but I’d get sad. I’m very close to my family and have an abundance of fantastic friends. I’d say the music and friends are the best part.
Any Bristol bands to watch out for?
Jumbo ofc, my new band. But really, there are so many favourites. Sleep Music, I love them, Oro Swimming Hour, Langkamer, Pet Shimmers.​​​​​​​ 
Catch Slonk's latest single 'Postman' here
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