We have the absolute pleasure knowing Ollie Horner (bass/backing vocals) for quiet a while now and decided to meet up with him and his equally amazing bandmate Charlie Herridge (lead vocals/guitar) whilst being on a visit in Brighton. We chose the Pipeline (cute little bar) for our chat and interviewing those two comes with a massive portion of fun, some alley lurking and a Bucky Tasting......​​​​​​​
photo credit: Nicola Gillam
photo credit: Nicola Gillam
Sum up your band in a few words.
“Snakey riffs and vibes is what we do”
How did you come up with the name 'SNAYX'?
Fun Fact: The lads went to an “All you can Eat” Chinese buffet in Seaford where they decided to start the band as a two piece and played around with a few ideas regarding a band name. As both were into bands like the 'Amazing Snakeheads' and shared a love for the reptile, they decided to go for 'snakes' and adjusted it to the now known name of 'Snayx'.
Give us one fact no one knows about you?
Charlie is a ,snakepedia, and actually knows a lot about snakes and had them as a pet when he was a child. He is the 'go to person' for any questions regarding that species (highly recommended by us!!)
What is the most useless talent you have?
Ollie plays the whistle and practises the “Fairytale of the New York” - hopefully we will get a taster of it once the festive season is upon us. In the meantime you can follow him on Instagram and be entertained by his whistle session vids (*lol*)
What draws you to your preferred genre?
A difficult question as the guys have a very eclectic taste. Charlie 's background is indie rock and bands like The Rifles, Oasis, Noel Gallagher and Richard Ashcroft while Ollie likes the more riff based rock tunes. They are into 90's dance and trance music as well and told us that there is an unreleased track with the title 'German House Music' , which will hopefully be soon available.
Tell us a bit about your recent session for Underscore Festival
This was actually their first “gig” since lockdown and was recorded with a Zoom recorder which came with its own challenges but the result is a fantastic set which is available on their YouTube channel:
Who do you love to tour with and why?
A tour with Kid Kapichi is very high on their wish list as they are close mates and they played their first gig at one of their shows.
They are planning to join Weekend Recovery as support act for their upcoming tour in February – fingers crossed it will go ahead!!!!
Tell us about your creative process...
Charlie told us that he is the most creative in the shower and once even had to run out - butt naked - to record a melody...while Ollie comes up with amazing riffs. There are 8 unreleased tracks in the pipeline and they are still deciding whether to bless our ears with an EP or LP...let's see and wait.....
What do you love about the Brighton music scene?
The Brighton scene is very tight, everyone knows the other bands and the lads were out nearly every night (before the pandemic) to watch and support fellow (Brighton) bands. As Charlie puts it: “the scene is the bands”
Bands to watch out for – what's on your playlist?
Bands they think are worth watching: CLT DRP, Nova Twins, Monakis, LibraLibra and Lime
On their playlist: CLT DRP – Nova Twins – Monakis – Kid Kapichi – Guru – Hallan – Sugarstone – Bob Vylan – Dream Nails – Snash​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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