Los Angeles-based four piece Jagged Baptist Club makes music between art rock and post punk and are comprised of Blake Stokes, Morgan Ponder, Josh Boyd and CJ Ramsey.
They released their debut album “Reptile Super Show” in Summer 2019 via Chain Letter Collective. 
Flash forward to 2021 and they are back with new single 'Temptation Death House', a track which saw them breaking new ground for a band normally known as guitar-wielding, atonal sonic terrorists; and signed to Galway based independent label Blowtorch Records.
Being big fans of their infectious tunes we are very happy to premiere their latest offering 'Chop x8', which will definitely put you in the right mood for the weekend:​​​​​​​
That's what frontman Blake has to say about the new song:
“'Chopx8' started off as a longer more complicated song that just didn’t quite work. I took a break from it and came back a few months later with a mission: HAVE FUN! Equally inspired by Slow Thai, The Vines and the Jason Statham Movies “Crank” and “Crank: High Voltage”, I cut the song in half, sped it up and went BUCKWILD with the lyrics. Now the song is an upper fuelled explosion with a chorus so catchy you can remember it even after those nights you can’t. CHOP!CHOP!CHOP!CHOP!CHOP!CHOP!CHOP!CHOP!”
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