Dublin’s Sprints continue the build-up to their debut EP “Manifesto”, which will be released on 26th of March 2021 via Nice Swan Records, with third and final track 'Swimming'.
'Swimming' opens with a punk infused attention-grabbing sound which is akin to a siren. It continues at a frenzied pace, with scuzzy garage guitars and an energy which does not let up. Karla Chubbs urgent vocals and the pounding / thrashing drums all make for a wild combination. The lyrics talk of following paths supposedly on the way to society’s view of “success”, only to find a lack of opportunity and no real way to progress. As Karla sings she has been working full-time but “still got four coins in my pocket” telling us that it is making no difference. The struggle continues and it is almost like treading water, never really making much headway, whilst decision-makers continue to concentrate on the banal, not tackling the issues that matter the most. Corruption and nepotism are rife. The chorus is yelled out “I said hey the city is sinking, he said hey let’s go swimming” – suggesting we should find our own path, and not drown in preconceived ideas of success. 'Swimming' finishes on a chaotic blast of chaotic rebellion.
As singer Karla explains: “While the homeless crisis worsens, the city is sinking in debt and everyone can barely keep their heads above water, you see an article stating that a new €25 million white water rafting centre is being developed after approval by Dublin City Council. Sometimes you'd just rather drown.”
As with previous tracks 'Drones' and 'Manifesto', 'Swimming' is produced by Daniel Fox of Girl Band. He gives Sprints that additional edge, and the result is fierce. I cannot imagine, nor do I particularly want, a ballad from Sprints! Combining their own experience and social observations, this authentic voice is perfect for our times.

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