Meet Regensburg, Germany, native Telquist who released his latest single 'Mojo' 6th of November at Blickpunkt Pop.
This year and the inseparable pandemic did put a spoke in the wheel of Telquist with: album postponed, tour postponed; but he used the time to collect over 1 million streams on Spotify, reached number 1 in the German university radio charts with "Trash Talk", released single 'Taste' on famous French indie label Kitsuné and stayed in the mainstream radio charts for over 5 weeks.
Is indie electronica a music genre? Sometimes breezy beats are all you need. You still want to move but perhaps it’s about a gentle bop rather than a frenzied pogo – and lets face it if any of us are dancing at the moment, it’s probably in the kitchen. 
Telquist is the solo project of Sebastian Eggerbauer and his latest single “Mojo” was intended to be the lead single from his currently postponed album – so far, so 2020. This track is the perfect embodiment of indie electronica, if there is such a thing! In it Telquist sings with a laid-back vibe which speaks to self-expression, self-doubt, dissociation and coolness. The sample hook gets the head bobbing , and it is complemented by a groovy guitar. The vocals sound like he doesn’t have a care in the world but actually the message here is, do we want to fit in? Do we want to go with “mullets or perms, probably they’re products of cultural requirements”. Surely the quandry for every artist, sticking to their own principles, or compromising in the chase for success.

Telquist has had some pretty impressive support slots including Kodaline and Catfish and the Bottlemen. Sebastian on vocals and guitar is joined by his permanent live band of Christoph Hundhammer (guitar, keyboards), Thomas Huck (bass) and Max Gerisch (drums).

Oh and the meaning behind that name? Apparently he simply wanted a combination of syllables that meant nothing at all. So now you know!
Check out the video for the latest single here:
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