When latest Speedy Wunderground signings The Lounge Society, comprised of Cameron Davey (vocals/bass), Herbie May (guitar/bass), Hani Paskin-Hussain (guitar/bass) and Archie Dewis (drums), released their debut single 'Generation Game' back in March, it instantly heralded the arrival of a special new band. 'Generation Game' became the revered label’s fastest-selling 7” ever, and indeed their only repress since Black Midi. BBC 6 Music’s Lauren Laverne went as far as to call it one of her Songs of The Year.
'Generation Game' is a five and a half minute powerhouse containing observations on the United States that turned out to be horribly relevant with the election and all its posturing. With such a successful debut single, the pressure was on for single number two, but The Lounge Society admit they don’t want to be just another post-punk band. They want to keep us on our toes and so this is not such a punky track but rather has a more funky vibe. The band admits they want us to dance, which is totally fine by me! 'Burn the Heather' begins with percussion beats and a more electronic sound. The funky guitar and building pace perhaps hide the slightly macabre lyrics. Produced by Dan Carey (Speedy Wunderground label), the single takes its title from the annual local ritual burning of the moor-top heather by the rich rural landowners for their lucrative grouse-shoots (and which those down in the valley blame on causing frequent flooding). The Lounge Society state the song is their interpretation of some of the darker aspects of where they live which is Hebden Bridge and Todmorden in the Calder Valley of West Yorkshire. But don’t get me wrong, this is not all doom and gloom but a rather adrenalin fuelled song and succeeds in its aim to get us dancing.
Check out the video for he latest single here:
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