The Rafters follow-up their rousing track 'Reasons' with 'Be Forever' demonstrating the range of the band with a shift in pace. The East Lancashire four-piece show us their softer side with a track that is full of meaning and sung with real emotion. Singer-songwriter Nat Griffiths has admitted that this is more autobiographical but looking to provide hope that we can see that light at the end of the tunnel. The lyrics twist phrases we all know to great effect:
"I said time isn't on your side, so let your woes betide, keep up that search for hope, no sympathy to take to your knees and pray."

This is a more acoustic track with the guitar ever present but I have to admit I loved the end, with the gentle cymbals rounding off the track. 'Be Forever' can mean so many different things, but perhaps due to the current pandemic it is for us to hold on to the important lessons we have learnt during this time, and carry them forward with us.

The Rafters grabbed the opportunity to record three songs at once while they could, each to be released a month apart at the start of 2021. I am already looking forward to the third track next month.
Image credit: Boss Cuts Collage Art
Image credit: Boss Cuts Collage Art
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