Moving on from critical acclaimed previous single ‘The Angler’ (which got airplay on BBC Radio 6’s Steve Lamacq, Amazing Radio, BBC Introducing in Lincolnshire) - The Rills, comprised of Mitch, Callum and Mason, return with new single "Stardog". 
I remarked recently that the combination of the current Global Pandemic plus technology had led to creative ways for bands to enable their music to reach audiences. The Rills have taken this to a whole new level, managing to establish a core fanbase through TikTok, Instagram Reels and Twitch streaming. I suspect for many this is a steep learning curve but The Rills have been determined to find imaginative ways to reach out to new fans through social media. 
The numbers speak for themselves. The Rills have gained over 5 million TikTok views and 2 million combined Instagram views in only six months. Now that’s impressive…….
Their latest song “Stardog”, released on 25th November, is a thunderous affair which dives straight in from the start. A raucous beginning which then settles into the story of a dodgy character who calls himself “The Stardog” at weekends to escape the reality of his mundane life during the week.
About two-thirds into the track there is a phone call and lead singer Mitch explains how they recorded it: “We actually recorded the breakdown (1:45) through a phone - we wanted to get the authentic sound of a phone call and not just some plugin effect emulating it. Mason rang Callum from the studio toilet trying to sound ominous, and Callum held his phone in front of a microphone. The lofi sound on the voice is authentic, we wanted to use one of those old Nokia phones but we couldn’t order one in time so an iPhone had to do.” Brilliant!

The track then builds up again and blasts through to the end with a final massive chorus and an abrupt end, perhaps signifying Monday morning when “The Stardog” has to return to his mundane life until the weekend rolls around 
Check out the acoustic version of previous single "The Angler" here:
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