Post-punk four-piece The Ringards share their latest self-released single ‘Helen Mirren’ - this track is a tribute to the British national treasure – to be quiet honest, we all could learn a trick or two from Dame Mirren.
Formed in East London in 2018, The Ringards are a collaboration of Enzo Salinie (lead vocals), Vinny Baker (lead guitar), Gary Cartmill (bass) and Joe Hornby Patterson (drums).
To date they have been championed by the likes of BBC Introducing, Fred Perry Subculture, Boogaloo Radio, Hoxton Radio and have been featured on the cover of Lost and Found Magazine. They played to packed out crowds at venues such as The Shacklewell Arms, The Waiting Room, 229 Venue and Notting Hill Arts Club.
As if Helen Mirren couldn't get any cooler, she now has tribute to her by the London's very own The Ringards.  "Helen Mirren" is a dark, brooding track and expresses a starry-eyed expression of idolisation. Enzo Salinie's rich and low-pitched vocals add drama to the song which is accompanied by an electric guitar. Combined they conjure up images of ganglands and the underworld with a menacing vibe.

Salinie comments: “Helen Mirren is not only an ode to the actress but a desire to concretise our fantasies, and to become relevant and valued within our medium. We always saw Helen Mirren as a person that could take on any role, and always adapt. To us, she represents the bright days ahead, a world full of opportunities and creations, but she also symbolises the current struggle.” The song delivers on this premise absolutely with an atmosphere and gravitas worthy of Dame Mirren herself. Its ebbs and flows with a shifting pace throughout, but ends abruptly, suggesting we should pay attention to life lessons and thus we can make the most of the opportunities life present us.
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