Bristol's 5 piece Birdman Cult released latest single 'Roll Em Up And Tuck It In’ back in May via Donut Records; and we are happy to premiere the accompanying video for it:
The video is for all the people (including frontman Joe's little brother) who doesn't bother with Spotify and rather enjoy finding musical gems on YouTube.
The track is good old Rock n Roll, with a heavy grungy twist. It is full of confidence-building bluster and swampy grungy guitars. A heavy bassline which you can feel through the floor. The vocals are laid back and effortless but there is a real soulfulness to the delivery. They are encouraging self-expression rather than conformity.
Kudos to Joe as this is his first attempt at creating a video all DIY Style by himself (in this case we hail the pressure from social media to make him do it and to learn a new skill)!!
“It’s a Frankenstein of ideas and images, literal cutouts of people I’ve admired over the years mixed with icons from hipster pop culture (oh you read Kerouac and listen to Tom Waits? you must be an ocean of emotion turmoil fffffsss).”
He added some psyched out cool visuals and some daft green screen shenanigans featuring his mug (The rest of the band refused to participate in this lol).
We totally like that punk-zine aesthetic as it totally fits in with the Birdman style.
If you want to see the Birdman live on stage and are close to Bristol, here are the next incoming live dates:
30th June - Thunderbolt Bristol 
23rd July – Rough Trade Bristol 
3rd Sep – The Mothers Ruin 

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