North London post-punk/noise-rock quartet Body Horror are releasing their debut single ‘The Gimp’s Gimp’ today and we are happy to premiere the accompanying video. The track already got a spin on BBC Radio Wales and Adam Walton described it as 'channelling the psychotic energy of The Birthday Party and Klaus Kinski'.
Gaining a reputation for their fierce live shows, they used the lockdowns to capture their sound and energy on record and the result is a peek into a seedy world; the BDSM-drenched themes. The tune being a metaphor for the unspoken, sexual underbelly of individuals in hierarchies. 
"The tune is the tale of a Gimp that belongs to another Gimp, so it’s a kind of double negative of submissiveness. One man’s gimp is another man’s pimp”. - Gethyn Thomas (vocalist).
The track brings together rave-inspired rhythms, wonky guitars and jarring vocals. It's lyrically tongue-in-cheek with a fascination for the strange and cuts into the underbelly of a world nobody wants to talk about.
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