London's punk rock outfit RANT released debut single 'Backstage' back in January and we are happy to premiere the accompanying video. This little masterpiece was remotely produced by the team at Studio Gossima. The cut up technique of wording keeps it exciting and focused on the lyrics:
RANT's line-up consists of Anton Constantine (guitar/vocals), Callum Moriarty (drums) and  Nick Gauntlett (bass player).
Playing shows all around London during the beginning of 2020, they had nowhere left to turn when the pandemic arrived and decided to get their heads down and record some music.
'Backstage' is a track full of attitude. The energy just smashes through your eardrums and hits your brain with full force. It is just two minutes and forty-seven seconds long but packed with snarling vocals, wild guitars and pounding drums.
No messing around, stating exactly how they feel. The same could be said for the video....full of all those little clichés, we all to familiar with.
The message here is about believing in yourself and going after exactly what you want. Realising to push for the things you desire and appreciate every minute of it.
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