After a short hiatus and a change in band dynamics, London punk trio RANT is back with third single 'Strip Club' and accompanying video for it. 
The video tells the story of a then sixteen year old Anton (vocalist of the Rant), finding himself in said "Nightclub"...shocked and feeling the longing to escape…
Alongside the rambling story-telling, ferocious drums and bass lines will smack you in the face!
The video was shot by Adam Dean with the casting of a group of friends, who remembered/ attended that fateful night out. Dan and Charlie as 'Sexy Strippers', Rhys 'The Policeman', Lewis 'The Sleazy Business Man' and Jason and Marcus 'The Dreaded Doormen'.
RANT- 'Strip Club' Video Credits:
Written by Anton Constantine, Callum Moriarty and Nick Gauntlett
Produced and Mixed by Lorenzo De Feo
Mastered by Nick Watson/Fluid Mastering
Video shot and edited by Adam Dean
Directed by Anton Constantine and Adam Dean
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