Feast your eyes on Ex-Meal Deals and current Honey Moon member, Glenn Rawcliffe AKA Red Diesel's new music video 'Feelitooelectricboogaloo'.
The boundary pushing video emerges from a basement flat in Lewisham, offering a point of comedic escape into the world of the fantastical, where armchairs come to life and bicycles can be transformed into horses. ​​​​​​​
‘Feelitooelectricboogloo’ confronts the act of refusing to communicate when suffering through a depression, using comedy to deflect the unpleasant reality of one’s situation. Red Diesel writes: “the idea for the video kind of developed during the process of writing the song. It wasn’t an afterthought, but rather a visualisation of the deterioration of my mental state brought on by weeks of isolation during the first lockdown. I thought it would be amusing to illustrate my mild emotional breakdown by building a large fake horse around a tall bike, that I would later ride through the streets of South London. It seemed like the only rational thing to do.”
The track was self produced, and later mixed by Louis Milburn of Folly Group. Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys and vocals were all performed by Glenn himself, with Lowri Heckler playing Sax. ​​​​​​​
Directed by: Chloe Solomon, Hattie Hambridge and Glenn Rawcliffe / Cinematography by: Chloe Solomon, Tom Wood and Liam Witchalls / Edited by: Corey Riddiough and Glenn Rawcliffe
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