VLURE are frontman Hamish Hutcheson, guitarists Niall and Conor Goldie (Glasgow), drummer Carol Kriekaard (The Hague) and Alex Pearson who plays Synth (Reading).
Collectively they have built a band on what they describe as ‘foundations of genre bending, honesty and resistance’. And I believe they have succeeded. They have created a distinct sound with a strong synth-led sonic landscape which is combined with pounding drums and funky garage guitars. It's a heady mix.
Debut single 'Shattered Faith' is an edgy, atmospheric dance-floor friendly powerhouse of a track. It opens by driving straight at you with a whoosh of propulsive beats followed up with electronica reminiscent of clubland. The emotional vocals from Hamish add to the whole vibe, but this track is driven by those beats. The guitars and drums give a depth and strength to 'Shattered Faith'. VLURE have stated that this track is about self-empowerment and I can absolutely understand the sentiment. The euphoric energy generates a fire within and if you let this track take a hold, you feel you can achieve anything. VLURE have opened their account with a song which will no doubt be a crowd-pleaser when played live. The day when we can get back to gigs is inching ever closer. I can't wait......

VLURE will release their debut 7” ‘Shattered Faith / Desire (Live)’ via London-based label Permanent Creeps Records on May 14th.
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