Wes King made the difficult decision to move in a different direction and therefore left the DIY Kent band Tres Kings. He released his debut single 'Living Strange' at the end of February 2021. A track that he originally wrote for the band, he realised that it needed to be stripped back, and put the vocal at centre stage. Absolutely the right approach. Also isn’t it just the most apt title for a song at the moment!
With a piano and light acoustic guitar I have to say I did not expect the voice that started singing. I expected a more melancholy atmosphere, but here there is a return to 90’s Britpop and the vocals of the likes of Liam Gallagher. Lyrics such as “Jimmy’s happy with his tambourine” conjure up an image of him snarling into the mike! The range and clarity of the vocals is spot-on. Incredibly the track was recorded completely DIY in Wes’s home studio. The drums were added last by session musician Ben Fagg and producer Mark Allen made the final adjustments in post-production. This pandemic is producing a vast quantity of outstanding quality DIY music which holds its own up against the bands with more resources. 'Living Strange' is no exception to this and with thoughtful lyrics which suggest hope and that the hard times will pass, it looks like Wes King is One to Watch in 2021.
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