Let’s have some funky fun! Brighton art-rock quintet Youth Sector released their debut EP 'Mundanity' in July on Young Poet Records. Now they present us newest single 'Teeth'.
This is groovy baby, and deserves a psychedelic kaleidoscope of colours channelling its energy. Youth Sector freely admit that they are embracing the influence of funk bands such as Parliament and Tower of Power but there is a Talking Heads quirkiness to this track too. This is so catchy but it also seems to suggest a certain social awkwardness. As the band explained “Lyrically the single explores the sinister magnetism of untrustworthy people and the way they can enter the lives of those vulnerable to their charms.” The optimistic message is you may be prepared for the worst but the actual reality becomes a lot easier to deal with. The bass groove is like a warm blanket of encouragement which wraps itself around you and builds up your confidence and individuality. 
The video is great fun and I challenge anyone to not smile while watching it.
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